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Box of Rocks

A book designed to stimulate the imagination of budding geologists.  Learn about the 12 most common rocks found in southern Africa, how they were formed, where to find them and how to make a rock box of your own.


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Nick Norman, a well-known South African geologist, wrote this fascinating book, “Box of Rocks”.  He was born in Kwa-Zulu Natal where he received his Masters.  Interesting facts about the earth and how rocks were formed, and the rock cycle are brought to life in his writing.  These facts could so often appear dry and lifeless, but Nick brings them to life with intriguing information, real images and factually accurate line drawings to describe some complex concepts.

This book features twelve rocks found in southern Africa.  Each rock has two pages, packed full of data, to inform the budding rock collector of their:

  • appearance; including a high quality image of the real rock in it’s natural environment
  • the formation of that particular rock
  • what happens to the rock as it weathers
  • common minerals found in that rock
  • common uses of this particular rock
  • where to find it and how to collect each rock type

In addition to this, he explains all about:

  • sand
  • Stone Age tools
  • fossils
  • how to make your own box of rocks
  • the best geographical sites found in southern Africa.


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