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BC-AD Timeline


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BC/AD Timeline

The 2015 edition of the BC/AD Timeline is absolutely stunning. Click on the images to the right to see close-ups. It has been redesigned with artistic lines to convey the message it is intended to.

The line begins with a beautiful yellow color to symbolize the cultural area. Each century is marked off in 10 segments representing 10 years for each segment.

The timeline begins from Prehistory and concludes to the Modern time period which is set off with a red background to represent the current time frame.

No detail has been left out. Even the B.C.E./C.E. divide has been set off through the use of a bright light pictured in the background to symbolize the change.

This timeline is ideal for use with Fundamental Needs of Humans ELC-5074

This timeline is constructed from specialized vinyl material that is completely waterproof, will not tear or smudge even if it is wet. All the inks used are completely UV protected so that they won’t fade.


The timeline measures 4 in (0.10cm) tall by 19 ft (5.79m) long and conveniently rolls up into a 4 in (0.10m) by 2 in (0.5m) roll.

Item Number:  TL028

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