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Bank Game

Role-playing games are invaluable for children; making them aware of their environment.  This game has two objectives.  To entrench their understanding of numbers, units, tens, hundreds and more and to make them aware of the responsibilities of business.


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In stock


The Bank Game reinforces the concept of long multiplication and general number recognition in the thousand, hundreds, tens and units.  Children assume different roles as they perform the problems posed by the game exercises.


  • controller,
  • banker,
  • bookkeeper,
  • cashier,
  • clerk,
  • customer.

The bank game offers different roles allowing children to experience the different responsibility each person undertakes.  Role-playing provides invaluable skills for the children.  They learn how a business operates, and to understand the interpersonal interactions of all players.


  • 63 number cards on a white background
  • 36 number cards
    • units on a green background
    • tens on a blue background
    • hundreds on a red background
    • thousands on a green background
  • 6 role designator cards
  • 1 double zero card on a grey background
  • 1 set of 0 to 9 cards on a grey background
  • an equals equation sign
  • an multiplication sign
  • a plastic container with a lid.

Box with sliding Lid


Traditionally, the Montessori Bank Game activity, was sold with a wooden box, used to store the material.

A hand-crafted, specially designed wooden plywood box is sold separately, for the Montessorians who prefer to display their bank game in a wooden box.


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Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 25 × 14 × 4 cm


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