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Apple Tree Game


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In stock


The Apple Tree Game is a board game to assist the child to learn how to count.

The main section is a board with a large apple tree pictured upon it.  The branches of the tree has 36 holes spread over the entire tree.  Inserted in each hole, are green knobs (36 in total.)

The aim of the game is to teach the child how to count and to improve their finger dexterity.

To start the game, remove all the knobs and place them in the separate holding section on the right of the board.  Give the child instructions, such as-

  • to count out a certain number of knobs and insert them into certain holes
  • to answer an arithmetic sum and the answer is the number of knobs to be inserted into the tree.

This game is an excellent way to improve fine motor muscle and hand – eye co-ordination.

Item Number – CHM0132

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