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Animal Kingdom Phyla Bundle

A comprehensive bundle of the complete Animal Kingdom; 16 products in total; required for the later pre-school, and elementary zoological Montessori shelf.

These activities are aligned; and colour-coded; to the traditional Montessori zoological curriculum.  The standard Animal Kingdom classification system, and Maria Montessori’s specific colour coding; integrated with her teachings; form the basis of the material.


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In stock


We present a comprehensive product, that is colour-coded, from the most complex level; the Animal Kingdom Phyla Activity; to the simplest “Parts of…” activities.  This also includes the Chordata; which are similarly colour-coded; and based on the zoological puzzles.

You can purchase this complete package, or order your preferred items individually.

  • colour-coded, as envisaged by Maria Montessori
  • purchase the complete package of 16 products in total, or order individually
  • provides an insight to the 9 invertebrate and vertebrate (chordata) phylum
  • includes the 5 classes of chordata
  • introduces the relationship of the species to each other
  • every phyla is represented by a “Parts of…” activity
  • each species of the chordata talks back to the work undertaken by the youngest child
  • aligned to the Montessori zoological curriculum

When designing the Montessori curriculum, Maria Montessori started with the end in mind, organizing various learning objectives, competencies, classifications and standards within the curriculum.  We have developed all the products that make up our Animal Kingdom Phyla, with this same end in mind.

Contents of the Animal Kingdom Phyla includes:

  • 16 individual activities which include:
    • 3 friezes
    • 15 booklets
    • 15 sets of definition cards
    • 16 sets of 3-part cards

Note: the life cycle and miniature objects found in any illustration, are sold separately

Animal Kingdom Phyla ActivityXZY6752Frieze, Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Porifera – Parts of a Sponge ActivityXZY6694Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Cnidaria – Parts of a Jellyfish ActivityXZY6687Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Platyhelminthes – Parts of a Flatworm ActivityXZY6692Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Nematoda – Parts of a Roundworm ActivityXZY6693Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Annelida – Parts of an Earthworm ActivityXZY6686Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Mollusca – Parts of a Snail ActivityXZY6689Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Arthropoda – Parts of a Scorpion ActivityXZY6691Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Echinodermata – Parts of a Starfish ActivityXZY6688Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Chordata ActivityXZY6750Frieze, 3-Part Cards
Classes of ChordataXZY6751Frieze, Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Birds – Parts of a Bird ActivityXZY6678Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Reptiles – Parts of a Tortoise ActivityXZY6679Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Amphibians – Parts of a Frog ActivityXZY6682Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Mammals – Parts of a Horse ActivityXZY6681Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards
Fish – Parts of a Fish ActivityXZY6680Booklet, Definition Cards, 3-Part Cards

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