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Algebraic Binomial Cube


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SKU: CHM0508

In stock


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Algebraic Binomial Cube – Childrens House Range.

This cube for (a + b)³ provides the basis necessary for the sensorial construction of higher powers of the same binomial: (a + b)4 and (a + b)5.

Contained in a hinged wooden box with lid.

Item Number – CHM0508

The Binomial Cube by Catherine McTamaney

The Binomial Cube

Algebra? In preschool? Why not? As a field of mathematics, algebra addresses concepts that apply regardless of the individual quantities involved. Likewise, early childhood development is focused on understanding which experiences can be generalized and which ones are ….

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Weight 0.54 kg
Dimensions 13 × 12.5 × 9 cm


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