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8 Phases of the Moon - Southern Hemisphere

The Phases of the Moon Activity Set

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In stock (can be backordered)


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The XCurricula 8 Phases of the Moon – Southern Hemisphere presents printed material for children from 3 to 9 years of age.  This material allows the Child to investigate this exciting process and to learn how the Sun, the movement of the Earth and the Moon interact with each other.

Observe the moon for a full month and you will be fascinated to note that approximately every 3.6 days the shape of the moon will change.

Start your observation process when there is “no” moon at all (the birth of the new moon) and you will note how it grows to a full circle (full moon) and then begins shrinking in size again, until the next cycle starts.

Each change is called a phase.  Be aware that the light from the moon is actually sunlight being reflected from the sun.  The same side of the moon always faces earth and the change in the shape of the moon is effected by the earth moving between the earth and the sun.

The printed matter includes –

  • Control Charts
  • Activity Chart, including images of the moon, labels and arrows
  • Classified Cards for the younger child
  • Description Cards, including the Phases and the terminology.

Beautifully printed on high class strong non-tear paper that does not require lamination.

Item No: XGY62DW6007


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