Walking Calculator

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Childrens House has developed and manufactured the Walking Calculator with the Child in mind.  This activity provides another interpretation of place values of numbers.  This is a lovely extension after the child has worked with the golden bead material.

A large mat, with place values for the units, thousands, hundreds, tens, and unit columns provides endless fun for the Child as they “walk out” their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations.  As Maria Montessori advocated, movement is very much part of learning and this activity provides an interesting and fun challenge to the Child’s intellect.  The lesson plans give examples of static and dynamic sums for all four operations.


  • Mat:  washable – 199cm x 297cm
  • Battens:  small – 21cm x 2.5cm ∅ and large –  29.5cm x 2.5cm ∅
  • Bean bags:  small – 10cm ∅ and large – 13.5cm ∅
  • Tray:  31.4cm x 29.8cm x 5cm
  • Full set of instructions for both the static and dynamic workings.

Item No.:  CHM9000


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