Timeline of Life – Great Cosmic Tales – Part 2

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The book “Timeline of Life – Great Cosmic tales: the coming of the Universe and Earth” – Part 2;  is the 2nd part of the 1st book in the series of 5 Great Lessons for the Montessori Curriculum.

The First Great Lesson is the most memorable and is often done on the very first day of school. It involves the use of a balloon and gold stars to tell the story of the beginning of the universe. This lesson also includes some demonstrations using solids and liquids to show how the continents and oceans first came together.

This lesson leads to the study of:

  • Astronomy: solar system, stars, galaxies, comets, constellations
  • Meteorology: wind, currents, weather, fronts, erosion, water cycle, clouds, glaciers
  • Chemistry: states of matter, changes, mixtures, reactions, elements, atoms, periodic table, compounds, molecules, chemical formulas, equations, lab work, experimentation
  • Physics: magnetism, electricity, gravity, energy, light, sound, heat, friction, motion, experimentation
  • Geology: types of rocks, minerals, land forms, volcanoes, earthquakes, plate tectonics, ice ages, eras of the earth
  • Geography: maps, globes, latitude/longitude, climates, land/water form names, continent and country research

In today’s increasingly secular world, you may prefer to tailor your story to a factual account of the beginning of the universe.  Maria Montessori, however, lived in a time when it was natural for everyone to have strong religious beliefs.  She herself was devoutly religious; so her original lessons reflected these beliefs.  You can choose to tell the story according to your own personal beliefs.  The story is inspirational to children no matter which version they hear.  Having visual effects as well as hearing the story aurally helps children to absorb and understand the story more effectively.

Children in the lower elementary level (grades 1 to 3) are presented with the 5 Great Lessons every year in a simplistic form.  As the child’s understanding of the complexity of how the Universe and Earth “grows”,  so can the complexity of the story develop into  larger concepts.

Children in grades 4 to 6 are also presented with the 5 Great Lessons every year with greater complexity.   As their knowledge base deepens and grows, so can the discussions expand to include, (among others); electricity, astronomy, geography, etc.

The Five Great Lessons that are referenced, are traditionally –

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23 page narrative by Petra Braun for young schoolchildren

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