The Normalized Child

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Childrens House are proud to offer the book “The Normalized Child” by Kathleen H. Futrell.  The contents of this book were based upon a talk given to parents of the children at The Aquinas Montessori School (Virginia) in 1966.

This book covers the most vital and important aspect of the child’s education; namely –

  • the need for movement
  • the need for language development
  • the need for independence
  • the need for love and security
  • the need for discipline
  • the need for order
  • a love of order
  • a love of work
  • love of silences and working alone
  • mutual aid and co-operation
  • profound spontaneous concentration
  • obedience
  • independence and initiative
  • spontaneous self-discipline
  • attachment to reality
  • sublimation of the possessive instinct
  • joy

all of the above will give you – the Normalized Child

28 paged soft cover book with colourful illustrations of children at work.

Item No. 539300

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