The Montessori Way

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The Montessori Way is a crucial book written with The Child in mind.  The  purpose of education is to ensure that the educational system used draws the full and best human potential from each of us.  To do this, The Montessori Way states we must return to basics.

This is a highly practical book that describes a way of life.  In particular, The Montessori Way describes a methodology of thinking about intelligence, talent and the potential for goodness and greatness among all people.  This is a reminder that The Child is the father and mother of the man or woman that he or she will become one day.  Therefore, the most important human task is to nurture and educate children.

Tim Seldin and Paul Epstein, Ph.D. offer a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy and approach practiced in Montessori schools.

Anyone wanting to understand the Montessori philosophy, will enjoy this book.  Particularly written for educators and parents.

This book is a “Must Have” for all library shelves of serious educators.
• 272 pp, soft cover, 2006 edition

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