The Horn of Africa: Together, There Is Hope

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The Horn of Africa: Together, There Is Hope is a beautiful book written by 12 year old Taskeen Waddee.

Hope, the rhino calf, is off exploring with his mother when they are suddenly attacked by poachers. Taskeen uses her imagination to describe the rhinos journey through the harsh environment all the while remaining hopeful. She highlights the importance of the rhinos horn for its survival. Is there hope to save the white rhino from extinction?

This is a book worth keeping in all libraries to inspire children around the world to write at the same time creating awareness about animal conservation. There is hope for the future!

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall;  these words by Nelson Mandela are a perfect foil for this book and for the Child to understand, to help them overcome the hurdles of modern day living.

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The Horn of Africa: Together, There Is HopeTop 10 Rhino Conservation Projects

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