Subtraction Snake Game

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Subtraction Snake Game – Childrens House Range.

The purpose of this material is to introduce the child to the unit combinations of subtraction.


  • 1 box containing 5 sets of Negative Bead Stairs,
  • 1 box containing 5 sets of Colored Bead Stairs,
  • 1 box containing 23 Golden Bars Of 10, and
  • 1 box containing 1 Black And White Bead Stair.

The 4 boxes fit neatly into a beechwood tray.

Item Number – CHM1241C

The Snake Game by Catherine McTamaney

Essential in the design of Montessori materials is the need to entice the child to work. The Snake Game is a perfect example of the wonder intrinsic in these materials, even in seemingly simple concepts. Here, children build a snake from any combination of colored bead…

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Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 38.5 × 15.0 × 0.2 cm


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