Sound Tubes – Auditory Discrimination

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Sound Tubes – Auditory Discrimination

The pairs of Sound Tubes are filled with a variety of materials and make sounds when shaken.  Children describe and compare the sounds.  this game also encourages children to match the sets.  This activity helps improve auditory discrimination as well as vocabulary skills.

The contents are: 12 plastic sound tubes (6 sets of 2), wooden stand with 12 inserts for tubes (38 x 13cm) and a manual.

Item Number:  522806

The Sensorial Materials: Auditory Discrimination by Catherine McTamaney

Materials across the Montessori classroom work together to respond to children’s development from multiple angles. Some share similar direct objectives. Some support the same facets of development through indirect objectives. The materials for auditory discrimination i…

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Weight 2.75 kg
Dimensions 38.5 × 13.6 × 10.8 cm


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