Solid Grammar Symbols with Cut-Out Tray

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The Solid Grammar Symbols with Cut-Out Tray is a beautiful set of three-dimensional grammar symbols for the first introduction of the parts of speech.

As children learn their native language, they internalize the rules unique to that language. Learning grammar, then, as its own discipline, allows children to develop a deeper appreciation for written and spoken language, to master and manipulate it in their own communication.

Includes 10 symbols and a tray for storage.

Item Number – CHL0114

The Grammar Symbols by Catherine McTamaney

The Grammar Symbols

Do you remember learning grammar in Elementary school? Did you memorize the definition of a noun (” a person, place, thing or idea,”) separate from any real application? Did you learn that a verb was an “action word?” For many of us, grammar was something we learned by…

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