Sandpaper Letters Tracing Tray

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Sandpaper Letters Tracing Tray.

The Sandpaper Letter Tracing Tray is filled with sand.  The Sandpaper Letter is placed upon the sand in the tray for tracing.  This develops the child’s muscle memory of how to write the letter using the correct direction and lines.

The set includes fine white sand and a beechwood tray.

Item Number – CHL0563

Sandpaper Letters by Catherine McTamaney

Just as the Montessori classroom allows ample practice for the physical skills children will need to master holding a pencil, we also offer practice for the discernment skills children will need to remember and replicate the shapes of letters. Throughout the classroom,…


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Weight 1.22 kg
Dimensions 44.5 × 26.5 × 4.6 cm


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