Premium Animal Puzzle Activity Set

R 899


The Premium Animal Puzzle Activity Set is a set of plastic control and name cards for each of the Animal Puzzle parts.

This activity teaches the child the name of each animal (one from each order of vertebrates).  The naming cards allow each child to recognise the animal, and to name the various parts of the animal.  This aids in the development of the child’s vocabulary and reading skills.


  • Wooden box with compartments and lid-31.5cm x 3cm
    • 5 Partitions to hold the naming cards – 7.5cm x 4cm
    • 1 Partition to hold the control cards and the blank cards (of the 5 animals) – 22.5 x 22.5
  • 25 Small naming cards – one side displays a figure of the animal, the other side names a part of the animal – 6.5cm x 3cm
  • 5 Control cards, 1 of each animal – 21cm x 21cm
  • 5 Blank card of each animal – 21cm x 21cm

Item Number – CHZ0192M

Additional information

Weight 1.14 kg
Dimensions 34.0 × 29.0 × 4.2 cm


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