Plant Stories

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Plant Stories

These cards provide the first knowledge of plants leading to the classification of plants in the plant kingdom. Set contains 40 different plant pictures, 40 plant stories, and additional questions.

Printed on heavy cardstock in full color, the pictures and stories are coordinated with the pictures shown in our Plant Kingdom Chart (ELC4058).

We have used actual pictures in creating this material, so that the students will have a clear understanding of the plant life they are studying.

Pictures and stories for the following plants:
  1. peat moss
  2. palm tree
  3. ginko tree
  4. banana tree
  5. tulip
  6. Spanish moss
  7. bamboo
  8. horsetail
  9. daylily
  10. yucca
  11. wheat
  12. iris
  13. hibiscus
  14. staghorn fern
  15. oak tree
  16. pineapple
  17. weeping willow tree
  18. hornwort
  19. sword fern
  20. cedar tree
  21. whisk fern
  22. tomato
  23. African violet
  24. sago palm
  25. cotton
  26. magnolia tree
  27. apple tree
  28. mistletoe
  29. sunflower
  30. corn
  31. pecan tree
  32. orchid
  33. peanut
  34. liverwort
  35. club moss
  36. Sequoia tree
  37. pine tree
  38. rice
  39. cactus
  40. Douglas fir tree


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