Peace 101 – Soft Cover

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The lecture notes – Peace 101 – Soft Cover – presented as an introduction to “Education for Peace as a Mandatory Subject for the Montessori teacher’s curriculum.” by Ursula Thrush.
“How can we speak of Democracy or Freedom when from the very beginning of life we mould the child to undergo tyranny, to obey a dictator? How can we expect democracy when we have reared slaves? Real freedom begins at the beginning of life, not at the adult stage. These people who have been diminished in their powers, made short-sighted, devitalized by mental fatigue, whose bodies have become distorted, whose wills have been broken by elders who say: “your will must disappear and mine prevail!”—how can we expect them, when school-life is finished, to accept and use the rights of freedom?.”
In her quest to educate the human potential of the child, Maria Montessori used this phrase to illustrate why it is so essential to educate the child.   In this day and age, no truer words have been spoken.  As we make our way through the web of fake news, false advertising and the many attempts to manipulate our adult minds, the ideal is to provide our children and their teachers with peace as a mandatory subject in their curriculum.

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