Math Works: Montessori Math And The Developing Brain

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Michael Duffy is the author of an amazing book;  Math Works: Montessori Math And The Developing Brain.  This second edition (2018) is very useful for Montessori facilitators and prospective teachers.  It explains how the Montessori math materials are used in Pre-school (3-6 years), and the progression through Elementary  (6-9 years) to the Upper Elementary  (9-12 years), providing a comprehensive sound base for the mathematical mind.

Clear diagrams and images explain the steps used in some of the concrete materials aiding the facilitator to understand how abstract concepts work.  Interesting chapters discussing Maria Montessori’s ideas about developing the Mathematical mind and the benefits of the math materials provide insight to her philosophy.   Reference is made as to how children’s brains are strengthened by working with the materials described in the chapter about Montessori math and the brain.

A useful appendix is included giving the description and use of all the math materials and there is also a discussion of Montessori and common core standards.

This is a book that gives parents an insight into the Montessori math materials and the benefits of teaching the Montessori methodology and is a must for all facilitators in Montessori teaching.

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