Maria Montessori

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The biography written by Rita Kramer on the subject of Maria Montessori, has revisited her life and in particular, the social norms of those times.

In many ways, this book often turns the global adoration of Dr Maria Montessori on their heads.  Maria Montessori was a more complicated and intelligent woman than she had previously been displayed.  She was tough, independent and did many things that must have horrified the intellectuals of those times.  Furthermore, it is often forgotten how Dr Montessori would try, through observation, to find out how best children could learn, and if that didn’t at first work, she would build upon it, trying out different and new angles, until she could find the best way to get it to work.  She was not scared to admit that many of the philosophies were developed through trial and error, observing what worked best.

In particular, Rita Kramer focuses on the intellectual and social climate of Italy during Dr Montessori’s formative years and then onto her experiences in Childrens House that helped develop her philosophy.

410 pp, soft cover, 1988 edition

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