Maria Montessori: Her Life And Work

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Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work,  is important background reading for parents considering Montessori education for their children, as well as for those training to become Montessori teachers.

Dr Montessori was the first woman to win a degree as a Doctor of Medicine in Italy in 1896.    Her mission in life was to improve the education of children.  While observing children at play in the slums of Rome in 1907, Dr Montessori realised how people ignored and treated these children, who were no different to other children, except for their physical circumstances.  She chose to work with these children as her students;  this experience led her to develop her teachings and the prepared environments and materials.  The results of her teachings and philosophy have come to characterize Montessori education today.

Her influence in other countries has been profound and many of her teaching methods have been adopted by educators generally. Part biography and part exposition of her ideas, this engaging book reveals through her letters and personal diaries showing Maria Montessori’s humility and delight in the success of her educational experiments and is an ideal introduction to the principals and practices of the greatest educational pioneer of the 20th century.

E. M. Standing is the author with an introduction by John J. McDermott.   A biography that includes quotes from her letters and diaries.
• 380 pp, soft cover, 1998 edition

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