Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant

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The Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant figurines provide a side view of what is going on underground!

  • The 1st depiction is that of a seed, newly planted (4x4cm)
  • The 2nd is that of a seed that has just germinated (4x5cm), where the seed sends roots into the warm, moist soil.
  • The 3rd is a seedling, poking it’s head out of the soil for the 1st time (4×7.5cm), reaching for the warmth of the sun.
  • The final piece shows a fully developed plant (10×5.5cm), maturing into a plant capable of producing beans.

Characteristics:  From a single green bean seed the roots that will seek out nutrients, sprout, followed days later by the stem and leaves that will reach toward the sun for energy.

Size and Color:  Growing in a sandy loam, the reddish-brown seed begins to take root. The stem follows, with the cycle completed by the dark green leaves. The plant is 10cm tall, about as tall as a deck of cards.

Scientific Name: Phaseolus vulgaris

These items are made from quality plastic that is non-toxic and BPA free.  The carvings are detailed and the colours spectacular and life-like.

Ideal to explain the various stages of growth in plants to small children.

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