Land & Water Form Integrated Activities

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The newest range of Land & Water Form Integrated Activities lays out, step by step, how The Child of 6 to 9 and the older Child of 9 to 12 will walk through their learning experience, absorbing information from a comprehensive curriculum.  This adventure includes learning:

  • Geographical Regions
  • Climate
  • Physical land and water features; Islands, Bays etc.
  • Architecture – Primarily types of house
  • Food – different crops grow in different climates
  • Language
  • Movement of people
  • Flora
  • Fauna

But this is not learning in parrot fashion.  The Child is tasked to do their own research using all available media at their disposal and thus gain an in depth knowledge of more than just dry facts and figures.

The assignment and task cards are beautifully illustrated and stored in an eye-catching stand allowing the class to ensure that they can access the material quickly and easily while keeping the product clean and safe.  Made from sturdy paper, specifically designed for the regular work that will be required of0 these cards.  The paper cannot tear and there is no need to laminate them.

Join in the adventure with us.  We also have classified cards in these categories to start the 3 to 6 year old in their journey of acquiring knowledge.

The XCurricula display stand is sold separately as item no: XCDB7.

Item No:  XGY62AZ6001

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