Grammar Boxes

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Activities with the Grammar Boxes aid the Child in the analysis of grammar and development of interpretive reading.  Why do we need grammar? To enrich the child’s language, develop the art of communication and stimulate their interest.  Grammar also helps the Child become conscious of aspects of the language they already know, especially the order, structure and composition.

Language is linked with thought, it is the tool of the intelligence. The Child needs usable language at their disposal for all their communication needs. In the second plane children are introduced to a wide range of culture and are interested in terms used to describe it. We give the keys to the exploration of language and not prescriptive grammar lessons, to teach how children ‘should’ speak, but descriptive grammar of how children speak. The lessons mirror the acquisition of language and relate to what the child knows.

The set of 8 boxes are constructed from quality beech wood and the sloping compartments are silk-screened in the color-code that highlights each part of speech.

Item Number – CHL0562

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Dimensions 47.5 × 32.0 × 10.0 cm


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