Good Luck Minis Fun Pack – Ocean

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The Good Luck Minis Fun Pack – Ocean are small soft plastic figurines of fish under the sea, that are hand painted.  Amongst these creatures you will find a turtle hatching from it’s egg, starfish and many of the well known fish.  These animals are half the size of the Ocean Tube animals – but are useful when on atlas’, maps or the ETC Map Game to illustrate where in the world these animals are found.

The animals themselves are approximately 3cm in length, and very delicately painted.  Children derive great fun from identifying these animals by name and environment.  What a great way to teach geography, zoology and the importance of maintaining the countries’ biodiversity. Lessons in what it means to have an endangered species and what we as humans can do to protect those more vulnerable to poachers.

Fun pack size: – 8 fish per fun pack – approximately 3cm each – baby starfish, clown fish, moray eel, dolphin, tiger shark, humpback whale, right whale, turtle hatching from the egg.

Please note, these figurines are for children ages 5+; younger children must be closely supervised.

Item No: 346422


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