Good Luck Minis Fun Pack – Farm

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The Good Luck Minis Fun Pack – Farm are small soft plastic figurines of hand painted farm animals.

Among these creatures you will find a Bantam Hen, Ewe, Jersey Cow, Rooster, Clydesdale Horse, Holstein cow, Rabbit and Sow.  These animals are a useful visual to use when teaching young children about life on the farm and how a farm works.

The animals themselves are approximately 3cm in length and very delicately painted.  Children derive great fun from identifying these animals by name and the nature of their function on the farm.  What a wonderful way to teach children about where milk comes from and how eggs are produced.

Please note, these figurines are for children aged 5+;  younger children must be closely supervised.

Item No:  346522

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 cm


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