Giant Solar System Line

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Giant Solar System Line

This set contains a complete three part nomenclature of our solar system with a control chart, booklet, and pictures of the universe.

However, we don’t stop there.  As you continue to provide activities, and experiences for your students to further understand the cosmos, we have included a giant solar system line that the children can walk by as they identify the planets and use the nomenclature to learn facts about each one.

  • Giant Solar System Line
  • Nomenclature of our Solar System
  • Galaxy Charts

Printed on Stayflat® this chart doesn’t require lamination.

The chart measures 17”  tall x 9 ft long – (0.43m x 2.74m).

Item Number: ELC5013

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Weight 1.22 kg
Dimensions 41.5 × 29 × 13.8 cm


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