Geometry Nomenclature

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Geometry Nomenclature

Make sure that your upper elementary students have the materials they need to understand essential mathematical concepts. Here is a new resource that allows them to have key geometric nomenclature concepts at their fingertips.

Starting with “Point to Solid” and going all the way through to “Parts of Circles”, this kit contains 36 control charts for the geometry nomenclature.

Printed on cover stock, every picture is in full color and each chart measures 8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94cm).

Contains the following Charts:

  1. Point to Solid
  2. Lines
  3. Types of Lines
  4. Parts of a Line & Ray
  5. Relationship of Line to a Plane
  6. Relationship Between two Lines
  7. Axis of a Line Segment
  8. Angle
  9. Principle Angles
  10. Parts of an Angle
  11. Relationship Between Two Angles
  12. Combinations of Angles
  13. Parallel Lines and Two Angle Relationships
  14. Angle Bisector
  15. Parts of a Triangle
  16. Sides of a Right Angled Triangle
  17. Types of Right Angled Triangles
  18. Triangles Classified by Sides
  19. Triangles Classified by Angles
  20. Closed Curved Regions
  21. Plane Figures
  22. Parts of a Circle
  23. Relationship of a Straight Line to a Circle
  24. Relative Positions between Circles
  25. Irregular and Regular Polygons
  26. Polygons
  27. Parts of a Polygon
  28. Regular Polygons
  29. Types of Quadrilaterals
  30. Parts of a Basic Parallelogram
  31. Parts of a Rectangle
  32. Parts of a Rhombus
  33. Parts of a Kite
  34. Parts of a Square
  35. Parts of a Trapezoid
  36. Types of Trapezoids


Control Charts Only

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