Fraction Work – Level 6-9

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Fraction Work – Level 6-9

A curriculum designed to meet the needs of students in dealing with fractions.

This set of materials were designed for all three grades (1-3) meeting Common Core Standards for the following requirements:

  • Identification of fractions
  • Fractional parts of a set
  • Fractions as they relate to each other on a number line
  • Calculating the area of a figure on a grid with fractional parts


Everything you will need for your students to complete all the hands-on activities are included:

  • Task cards
  • Fractional pieces
  • Number lines (no lamination required)
  • Fraction dominos to identiry whole, fraction, not a fraction
  • “What’s my fraction” activity
  • Number line Activity cards
  • Area of a figure on a grid cards
  • Teacher lessons and notes
  • Scope and Sequence
  • Answer key for calculating the area of figures


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