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Domestic Cats TOOB® are known for their strong personalities.  Cats are one of the most common pets worldwide.

This Toob holds 11 purr-fect pals, including a Balinese, Gray Tabby, Angora, Birman, Siamese, Persian, Egyptian Mau, Norwegian Forest, Manx, Abyssinian, and a white and black Shorthair cat.

Characteristics: A great gift for any cat lover, our this Toob is engaging, investing, and interesting! Learn not only about ownership, but the difference between these species with our vibrantly colored, professionally crafted, and individually hand painted figurines, all while having fun in whatever imaginative world these models bring you to.

Size and Color: About the size of a standard American ruler, these cats are approximately 7cm long, 3cm tall.  The figurines are from some of the most common and fascinating breeds from around the world.  Adopt all of these cuddly cats, but be warned – the pearlescent white and sandy brown Siamese is an attention hog!

All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free

Item: 699204


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