Masai Village

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The Masai Village illustrates the culture of life in a rural setting in many East African countries. Specially designed collections of small, hand-painted figures featuring vibrant colours and professional sculpting.  Ideal for educational projects, dioramas and imaginative play.

A Masai Village is a vibrant place;  people trading goods, growing their crops for sale and cooking in the open.  All life happens in the village centre, surrounded by huts and activity even though the modern lifestyle is creeping in eg TV, Cell Phones.  The young men of the village are never prouder than the day that they are put in charge of the family live stock.  They are expected to protect the sheep and goats from the wild animals and stock thieves and to bring them home every evening, safe and sound.


7 Plastic figurines between 5 and 7cm in height.

  • A Man in authentic clothing
  • A Woman in authentic clothing
  • A Child in authentic clothing
  • Elephant
  • Zebra
  • Livestock
  • Grass and Mud Hut

Item No:  S682004

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