Complete Reading Series (Pink, Blue, Green)

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Complete Reading Series (Pink, Blue, Green)

The entire reading series Pink, Blue, and Green  (Objects for all three sets sold separately as an option).

Includes the following:

  • Pink Series or short phonetic series (Item #: EC0660A)
    with a full emphasis on three letter words which contain a short vowel.
  • Blue Series or the longer phonetic series (Item #: EC0662A)
    with an emphasis on introducing blends with short vowel words of four or more letters followed by longer words that contain more syllables.
  • Green Series or the phonogram series (Item #: EC0664A)
    with an emphasis on diphthongs and digraphs.

Printed on thick, solid plastic

Item Number:  EC0665

The Pink Series by Catherine McTamaney

 Legend has it that, when Dr. Montessori sought to translate her original design for reading materials from phonetic Italian to the much less predictable English, she engaged two of her English students, Margaret Humphrees and Phoebe Childs, to create a system…

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Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 21 cm


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