Clothes Airer

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This beautifully finished wooden Clothes Airer is the ideal tool for The Child approximately 3 years old.  With its chunky colourful pegs, it attracts The Child to it’s functionality because they do love to copy mom’s tasks.

The Clothes Airer allows children to dry Teddy’s clean clothes and mom can let them hang their own laundry up to dry as well!   The Child can learn more about what happens at washing time and develop realistic, fun role play sessions, encouraging creative and imaginative role play.

Dimensions:  60 cm tall and is with 9 pegs.  This comes as a flat-pack item that is easily constructed.  Allow the older children to experience the thrill of putting this together.

Item code: CHPBJ377

Additional information

Weight 1.46 kg
Dimensions 70.5 × 20.2 × 9.30 cm


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