Centisimal Frame & Instrument for Measuring Angles

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The Centisimal Frame & Instrument for Measuring Angles are both used  in conjunction with the Fraction Circles, to demonstrate how angles and degrees are measured in degrees and decimal fractions.

The 6 to 9 year old child is ready to begin studying the abstract concepts of degrees and decimal fractions, however, it is the 9 to 12 year old who is ideally suited to absorb the full abstract ideas that come with these mathematical subjects.  If the Child is exposed to angles and degrees relevant to their physical play, i.e. skate-boarding or hurtling over athletic hurdles, they will grasp such concepts faster than any teacher could describe them.

The Centisimal Frame is a wooden plate with a recessed circle for positioning  the fraction piece to be converted to a decimal.  The frame is calibrated from 0 to 100.

The Instrument For The Measurement Of Angles is a thick wooden plate calibrated in 360 degrees with a recessed circle for positioning a fraction piece to be measured.

Item Number – CHM2011

Montessori adolescent environments are strikingly distinct from traditional Middle Schools. While traditional classrooms may be doubling down on homework, desks in rows and fifty-minute classrooms, Montessori Middle Schools recognize that the rapid and diverse physical development of learners at this age is inconsistent with desk and book-based learning. That is not to say that Middle Schoolers are incapable of big thoughts and intellectual engagement. Quite the opposite… Montessori classrooms will offer those challenges in ways that support learners’ need for movement, for application in real settings and for grand conversations on elevated themes. Learners now are both capable of abstract thinking and intrinsically driven to move. Unlike younger children who needed concrete materials to understand concepts, Middle Schoolers can understand fully abstract ideas. They are just often distracted in the doing by the primary demands of their growing bodies. A responsive environment, then, will be one that gives them enough to do with those rapid physical changes so that they don’t interfere with the learners’ equally important intellectual curiosity.


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