Brown Stair Cards

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tBrown Stair Cards

This set of cards is a 2 dimensional extension for the Brown Stair.  They are a set of 10 colour cards, matching the actual sizes of the 10 Brown Stair pieces.

The series of prisms in The Brown Stairs apparatus, demonstrates to the child the change in width (breadth), while the length remains constant.

By practicing with The Brown Stair the child is prepared for the mathematical concepts in plane geometry, area and volume.

By matching solid objects with plane figures children begin moving from concrete to abstract.

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The Broad Stair by Catherine McTamaney

One of our favorites, the Broad Stair or Brown Stair is a constant attraction in the Montessori classroom. A frequent partner to the Pink Tower, the Broad Stair shares some qualities in common with its upright partner: dimensions in diminishing tenths that support the…

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