Ball Tracker

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This unique Ball Tracker is already constructed and is the perfect height for the toddler to 6 year old.  Once an infant has mastered the art of standing, The Child quickly begins to negotiate the room, desperate to move and find things.  The ball tracker is a fascinating method of children learning how to track the movement of the ball running from one end to the other and to drop down onto the next track.

It won’t be long before the toddler demands to “do it for himself”.  The light-weight plastic ball is small enough to fit into the toddlers small hand and they can guide the ball into the opening on the side and track it with their eyes.


  • 58.5cm tall x 40cm wide x 11.5cm deep
  • 5 Tracks
  • 1 Yellow plastic ball – 15cm circumference
  • 1 Wooden ball – 17cm circumference.

Item No: CHT0634

Additional information

Weight 6.16 kg
Dimensions 60 × 42 × 18.5 cm


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