Balance Board for Feet

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The Balance Board for Feet helps the Child to improve their Proprioception (perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body), which helps improve movement.  Movement is a fundamental part of the Practical Life curriculum.  Children must develop their gross muscles to help improve their balance.  These muscles work in conjunction with the fine motor muscles for a myriad of things, the most commonly known being, handwriting and sport.  From a health aspect, having good balance helps improve the child’s breathing and lung capacity amongst other things.

The Balance Board allows children to not only attempt to balance on an uneven surface, it also has a small ball, (that runs around the ring on the board, 2cm from the edge).  This ball allows the Child to know how to “centre” their core balance and to monitor their improvement.

Another facet of Montessori education is learning to maintain the classroom environment. Children can fulfil their proprioceptive needs when scrubbing large tables, chairs, and even spots on the walls.  Sweeping and mopping the floors requires large movements as well.

Proprioception is known as the “position sense” as it provides body awareness. It interprets sensory cues to help motor control and planning.Sporting Equip


  • 1 x Wooden Base Board – 39.5cm circumference x 1cm deep
  • 2 x “Feet” transfers (rough surface to prevent slippage) – 20.5cm in length x 8cm breadth
  • a channel running around the edge of the board 2cm width
  • 1 x small ball – 9cm circumference
  • 1 x High Density Foam “foot” under the board – 15cm circumference x 3cm depth; with a storage”hole” for the ball.

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Weight 1.32 kg
Dimensions 40.50 × 40.50 × 5.0 cm


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