Animal Kingdom Charts

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Animal Kingdom Charts

The Animal Kingdom Charts explores the classification system used to identify animals. Most children are fascinated by animals and often have an animal that is a particular favorite, possibly even an animal the child has never seen before. Children also like to order and sort things, and this lesson melds both of these interests.

Our updated animal kingdom chart is based on the ITIS as of 2016 (Integrated Taxonomic Information System) and displays twelve of the 35 currently accepted Phylums (Divisions).

Control Chart 52 x 12 in. 132 x 30.5 cm.
Mute Chart 52 x 12 in. 132 x 30.5 cm.


The Animalia Kingdom Chart set comes complete with:

  • Control chart
  • Mute chart, and
  • Individual movable pieces with pictures, descriptions, and labels with etymology.
  • Movable pieces come printed on thick 15 mil plastic, cut and ready to use.


Control and mute charts are made from the same material (recycled plastic) that our timelines are constructed from so there is no need for lamination of the charts.

Item Number:  ELC4059

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Dimensions 42 × 29 × 12 cm


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