The Adventures of Mairi Mole

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The Adventures of Mairi Mole tells the story of a little mole who is all on her own.  Her friend Anne (an inveterate gardener), allows her to play in the garden, but soon despairs of all the molehills that appear in her lawn as Mairi digs around.

After Anne’s cat Steven, (thinking Mairi is a RAT) nearly catches her, she runs away.  Luckily she befriends Monty who takes her home to her family underground.  Monty’s father teaches Mairi what to be careful of and how to survive.  Numerous adventures bring Mairi and Monty closer together, until they decide to marry and start a family of their own.

This book contains more than just a story! The following is included –The Adventures of Mairi Mole

  1. A great board game that depicts Mairi’s adventures is included and this game helps the children to understand comprehension.
  2. Facts about gardens i.e. how seasons affect a year in the garden, how to attract wildlife to your garden and the various natural vegetation found in gardens – 8 pages
  3. Fun Activities – how to make a garden, how to make a quiche from the produce grown in the garden, hand print lillies and many more projects – 16 pages

by Aileen Edwards and Judy Mare

Item No: 9780620795296 – 68 pages





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