A Galjoen’s Tale: An African Fish’s Fate

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“A Galjoen’s Tale: An African Fish’s Fate” is a book written by Faizaan Gani, a 12-year old living in Polokwane, South Africa.  The focus of the book is to raise awareness about the South African national fish, the Galjoen, which is an endangered species.  It belongs to a family of fish which are only found off the extensive South African coastline.

Modern science, technology and research has found evidence that all life is one.  All living things are made of a beautiful food chain with the biodiversity on this planet consisting of over 8.7 million different species.  Common to all of us is our DNA and the 92 naturally occurring elements.  These elements and the food chain are all very delicate and can easily be broken down, causing a species to easily die and become extinct.

Isn’t it amazing how Montessori training provides the Child with the independence and platform to question such in-depth difficult subjects i.e. global warming and to challenge the mindset of the older generations demanding answers to matters that affect their future.

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A Galjoen's Tale  

The galjoen is the national fish of South Africa. It is a distinct-looking fish, it belongs to a family of fish which are endemic to our coastline and so we’re proud of it!

Sadly, our national fish is fast disappearing – it has been overfished and is now listed as Red by SASSI (Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative).

Recreational anglers may only catch two galjoen (minimum size = 35cm) per day between 1 March and 14 October each year. They are not allowed to sell their catch…….

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