A Dassie’s Tale: An African Dassie’s Adventure

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The book, “A Dassie’s Tale: An African Dassie’s Adventure”, illustrates how all things in life are possible, as long as you are willing to overcome your fear and take the first step by deciding to take action.

This story tells of how a tiny mammal, known as a Dassie, is stranded on Robben Island.  Instead of berating his fate and crying;  the Dassie finds a friend who helps to support him and show him a way of escape, as long as he is strong enough to take matters into his own hands and conquer his fear – to become the “Master of his own Ship“.

This story is beautifully interwoven with the story of Nelson Mandela’s 27 years of imprisonment and the story of Invictus.

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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-X4-SUxv4OPs/Tz0lT8U9q-I/AAAAAAAAAAo/cC3xGrEZzcI/s1600/IMG_1073.JPGTable Mountain’s most common mammal

Mammals used to be a common sight on Table Mountain back in the day, but man’s encroachment reduced them in numbers and species. Except for one: the ubiquitous Rock Hyrax, locally known as the Dassie (from Old Dutch dasje, meaning ‘badger’) – a brown, furry creature resembling an earless rabbit, and therefore also referred to as a Rock Rabbit.

Despite their nondescript appearance, these squat little mammals should not be dismissed as a mere mutant rodent or feral guinea-pig. For starters, they’re the closest living relative to the modern-day elephant and sea cow. All three animal groups – elephants, sea cows and Dassies – descended from a common ancestor millions of years ago and therefore share physiological similarities in teeth, leg and foot bones. Not surprising then that the Dassie was awarded its own order (Hyracoidea).

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