8 Handbells

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What an excellent way to create music by ringing these 8 Handbells.  They provide a full octave, a series of eight notes in a musical scale. Furthermore, it describes the difference in pitch between the first and last notes in a musical scale.

These sturdy, colourful 8 Handbells are made from plastic and can be played by holding them in the hand and ringing them or striking the top of the handle.  The insert provides basic tunes and instructions to help guide The Child play the bells and make music.  These are the perfect accompaniment to any classroom.

Holding the bell:  show the child how to hold the bell pointing upwards with a slightly bent elbow.  A slight movement of the wrist will cause the bell to ring.

Striking the handle of the bell:  The bell must stand upon a flat surface.  The Child uses either their finger or the flat palm of their hand and strike the bell.

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The Montessori classrooms is filled with materials which are both wonderful and didactic, introducing specific, precise concepts but doing so in an elegant  presentation. The Montessori Bells are a perfect example of this balance between grace and practicality, making concrete and self-correcting experiences with auditory discrimination and the diatonic scale.




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