11 Dozen Inset Pencils: 11 Colors

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This is a Montessori standard item – 11 Dozen Inset Pencils: 11 Colors.  The colours are specifically designed to work with the colours used with the language grammar symbols.

The 3-sided inset pencils are designed to assist the development of the pincer grip in the child’s hand.

This product is sold as a set of 11 packs of 12 pencils each.  Each pack is of a different colour.

Item Number:  720100

The Pincer GripFebruary 6, 2019 / Catherine McTamaney

What is the pincer grip? It’s the coordination of your index finger and thumb, needed

11 Dozen Inset Pencils: 11 Colors

The 3-sided pencil helps develop the Pincer Griply in single boxes.

for grabbing a zipper pull or picking up a dime or holding a pencil. Because we don’t want the challenge of holding a pencil to interfere with what the child wants to create with that pencil, we provide ample opportunities to build the muscles of the hand the child will need to manage a stylus, long before we invite them to formal lessons in writing. The development of these small muscles builds from the larger muscles of the hand to the more refined movements of the fingers.

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