CH - Language

CH – Language.  The Language material provides the keys for children to discover something that lies under the surface. When children first begin to understand their language, they have a boundless capacity to expand and enrich their language and, as a natural consequence, the desire to write and read.

It is the educator’s task to facilitate the process of creating by providing rich, precise and abundant language for the children. The function of this material is to isolate certain universal elements, common to all languages. The children learn, for example, that all words are composed of sounds that can be made visible with written signs; in all languages, different words have different functions and sentences have structures that make the action the nucleus of the sentence.

There is little to be taught on the part of the educator, yet there is unlimited scope for exploration on the part of the children. This material provides the keys to the fascinating world of language and are highly effective in their simplicity.

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