>Glue Pens
>Armount Spray Adhesive – ideal for paper projects, artworks / photograph mounting such as collage and story boarding.
>Craft Glue – perfect for all art and craft projects that is acid free, also available in a 30ml pen.
>Glue Sticks are suitable for paper and card stock adhesion.
>Construction Glue, a heavy-duty white, liquid art and craft adhesive, suitable for most surfaces.
>Fabric Glue is a flexible “no sew” solution for fabrics which bonds permanently. Available in a 30ml pen.
>Jewelbond, a liquid white glue that is a flexible embellishing glue. Perfect for sticking rhinestones / adornments onto fabric, also available in a 30ml pen.
>Memory Mount glue that is perfect for scrap-booking
projects and photo albums, also available in a 30ml pen.
>Styrofoam Glue is excellent for bonding plastic items, without deterioration. This glue sets hard and clear.

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