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How to Start a Montessori School

Montessori Education

Montessori education has been around for over a century, and families continue to choose Montessori preschools for their young children.

The Montessori style is self-paced, child-centered, and focuses on a child’s whole development— physical, emotional, social, and mental.

Montessori schools are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and as a result more and more schools are opening every day.

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Why start a Montessori School?

You’re doing it, you’re signing a lease, you’re taking out a loan to build your own Montessori school. Congratulations! But now what? We’ve got some tips and resources for you to use as you begin this exciting adventure.

If you are passionate about educating children, and want to start a Montessori school in your area, this checklist will give you some of the necessary information.

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Opening a Montessori School

In most cases, you will be starting your Montessori school on a private basis.

If you have not done any form of Montessori training, we recommend that you contact an accredited training centre.  Many of them offer a variety of courses, degrees and diplomas relevant to the country that you are in.

Depending on the environment that you are starting, you may be able to do your studies concurrently with running your school.

If you intend employing a qualified Montessori teacher, the training centres would be a good place to get referrals of former students.

We also have a free Job Page for you to advertise your position.


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Get to know your local regulations

Every country will have its own rules and laws for educational environments.  These could even vary per city.

It would be important to familiarize yourself with these requirements.  In some countries it could be quite complicated.

Again, your accredited Montessori training centre would be able to send you these guidelines. 

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Start with a business plan

It is always important to look at the financial nuts and bolts of your school.

There are several business plan templates available online.  This one, from BizFunding resource is tailored for those starting a Montessori School.

Here is also a document from SAMA which offers a checklist 

Build your Curriculum

Your curriculum should focus on these 5 key areas:

  • Practical Life or Activities of Everday Learning:  This will include materials that care for one’s self, others and the environment 
  • Sensorial: Children explore and learn with all of their five senses. Sensorial materials are very precise and specific.
  • Mathematics: A wide variety of materials are needed to support the Child to understand ariithmetic, the concept of numbers and abstraction
  • Language: Materials are required in the environment to assist the Child in learning words, comprehension and to guide handwriting
  • Cultural: The classroom needs to be enriched with materials that support the Child in learning about the world around them, including geography, science and art
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Location and Classroom Design

Choosing a location needs to be carefully thought out.  If you already have a building available this is a great start.

If you are renting or starting in a suburb, consider your local bylaws and your direct neighbours.

Careful thought needs to considered when designing your classroom, because you will need a lot more space than you think.

Montessori Materials

Integral to the Montessori prepared environment are the materials.  They need to be of exceptional quality, didactly correct and hard wearing.

At Childrens House, we offer a complete offering for all of your material needs.  We offer standard and tailor-made packages accorging to your requirements.

The 4 standard packages include:

Toddler <3years

Preschool/Childrens House – 3 to 6 yrs

Lower Elemantary – 6 to 9 yrs

Upper Elementary – 9 to 12 yrs


Marketing your School

Its really important to have a marketing plan for your school.  It’s essential that you have a website, as prospective parents will form an opinion based on what they see online.

You will also need to be visible on social media.  Not only is this a great marketing tool, its a great way to advertise for prospetive parents.

Never underestimate the power of local marketing in your neighbourhood.  Invest in good signage, do a mail drop, advertise in local publications and network with local organizations.

Classroom Management Software

As your school grows, so does the administration.  You will need to consider lesson planning, child administration, financial management and parent communication.  There are a number of products available that are strong in each area.

Unfortunately, it will take time (ie when you are in year 1 or 2 of your school) before you will know your exact needs. Sometimes the best way to start is do the job yourself first, and then when you are ready, automate and outsource the functions.

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