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Centisimal Frame Instrument for Measuring Angles
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By Claire

Moving from the Concrete to the Abstract

As the young Child approaches the age of approximately four, so does their need to explore and widen their horizons.  They are no longer only interested in the sensorial, now they want facts; and so begins the parents’ despair, how to respond to the constant question of “why”  whenever a statement or request is made to The Child.  Children of this age have an instinctive ability to choose the moral right and honest path.  This is the time when they will begin to test us, digging for our moral code, consequently, this is the time when we must be open and honest with them.

Thus begins the Child’s adventure into the abstract thought process.  Maria Montessori believed that children absorb mathematical concepts naturally.  But these abstract thought processes also encompass language and discovering the world and their place in society.

Childrens House are proud to be able to offer you materials to support these concepts.  The Set of Knobless Cylinders provide the final stage in the dimensional material of the sensorial period.  They are beautifully finished in brilliant colours.  They provide a bridge from the concrete into the abstract; indirectly aiding in the development of the pincer grip and laying the foundation to mathematics. 

 The Noun & Verb Introduction Solids start the process of identifying a concrete representation of an abstract thought; providing The Child with something to visualize when learning grammar. 

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