CH - Infant & Toddler
3 Discs On Vertical Dowel
R 119
CH - Music
8 Handbells
R 2,032
T-Art Materials
Art Apron - 2 to 4 year old
R 115
T-Art Materials
Art Apron - 4 to 9 year old
R 135
CH - Infant & Toddler
Ball Tracker
R 1,999
CH - Manipulatives
Braiding Board
R 429
CH - Pouring & Transferring
Cup & Saucer - White
R 49
CH - Food Preparation
Divided Ceramic Dish
R 39

18 months - 3 years

18m to 3 Years

This list of materials is recommended for a Montessori Toddler environment.  Maria Montessori said, “Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child to open himself to life.”  As parents, we must always keep in mind that this is the stage of development when the seeds of personality are sewn, and it is essential that we guide, not dictate the direction they take.  Provide the environment and "Follow the Child".