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Let Us Celebrate Our Teachers
Brother Julius Oluoch, an Edmund Rice Christian Brother from Kenya, teaching a class at a teacher training institute in Yambio, South Sudan. The newly independent country faces a critical shortage of trained teachers, and several religious groups are pitching in to help. The institute is sponsored by Solidarity with Solidarity with South Sudan, an international network of Catholic groups providing training for teachers, health care workers, and pastoral agents in South Sudan.
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By Claire

Let Us Celebrate Teachers

Teachers are renowned for their patience, dedication and love of teaching.  However, if you walked into a Montessori classroom, you may be a little taken a back. The teachers are not “teaching”.  Instead, they are facilitating, guiding and overall, observing.

Dr. Maria Montessori felt that the teachers’ main role was to ensure that the classroom was correctly prepared; ready for the Child to enter and to explore.  Part of that preparation is to ensure that the environment is calm and peaceful.  That respect for all, whether inanimate or human is the predominant atmosphere and that joy for learning is displayed.

October month is Teachers’ month.  Globally, we all want to acknowledge the amazing work the teachers (from all curriculum) are doing, guiding, moulding and helping our children evolve into responsible, respectful and intelligent adults with a joy for living.  Thank you.

Childrens House support the teachers in many ways.  We have Montessori specialists on hand to advise you and guide you at no extra cost.  Call us to make an appointment to chat to them and ask for help if you need it.

A list of weekly deals is distributed via our weekly blog, at special prices.  These products can help you build your classrooms over the year.

Thirdly, Childrens House have a free Jobs Page on their website or you can scroll down to the bottom of the Weekly Deals to view the current positions.  This is a free service to the community, advertising any teaching positions that are available.  You do not need to purchase from Childrens House to use this function.

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